Youth Horizons is a Christian, faith-based mentoring opportunity open to all denominations. It is designed to serve the needs of at-risk youth in single-parent homes. Youth Horizons empowers children and their families to become healthy and productive members of their community. Mentors are required to be members of a church and will be matched with a same-sex child, called a “protégé” in the program.

Mentoring is about relationships, and those take place predominately in the community. Youth Horizons mentors come from all backgrounds and professions and are encouraged to share the elements of their lives with their protégés.

STEM professionals are uniquely equipped to help these children to succeed academically, as well as experience science and math in everyday life. Every year, we set goals with all of our matches, encouraging them to accomplish goals in three areas- academic, life skills, and service/spiritual. STEM professionals are able to help the children in our program not only accomplish their academic goals, but also learn and try skills from the STEM fields. This can be things like building model rockets, learning basic wiring and electrical principles, or learning basic vehicle maintenance. Opportunities are as varied as the STEM fields themselves.  These “ordinary” things can help set vision, or change the child’s perspective of what their future could hold.

What time of day is the opportunity?

Mentors can chose what time and where each mentorship session takes place based on their preferences and availability.

How long of a commitment is this? How often do I need to meet with the child?

In order to make the most impact on the child’s life mentors are required to spend 2-3 hours every week with their protégé for a period of at least 1 year. The 2-3 hour commitment can be done all in one day or spread out over different days.

Additional information we would like you to know regarding the opportunity

Empirical research has shown that the time commitment and length of commitment asked by Youth Horizons is what it takes to have a positive effect on an individual child. For this reason, only serious mentoring inquiries are considered and each potential mentor must agree to continue their commitment for at least a year, or longer if possible.

Background checks and training

Once a mentorship inquiry is received, the potential mentor will be contacted for an interview. From there they will go through a background check process as well as a mentorship orientation.

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