Hello STEM stakeholders, enthusiasts, and people that want to make a difference in the lives of our next generation!

STEMpact2020 is moving into the blog world and moving away from the newsletter world.  Our society doesn’t operate on a month to month schedule, so we are moving to a more minute by minute way of reporting on the STEMpact2020 Network activity…so get ready!

Once a week…or so we will blog about one of the following topics…don’t worry, we will make sure to put some photos in there so you won’t lose interest until at least looking at the photos:):

STEM mentoring and volunteering opportunities

STEM mentoring and volunteering best practices

Fun and engaging STEM activities

STEM education – What is it? Why is it important? Why should i get involved?  How can I get involved?

How industry impacts STEM education?

How STEM education impacts industry?

Why are intermediary organizations like STEMpact2020 important?

Who cares about STEM education?

We will be posting these blog posts on social media as well as sending them out via email to our Guiding Coalition partners, past volunteers and anyone that will listen.