STEMpact2020 partners work together in focused groups called Innovation Rooms (committees). Active engagement and collaboration of partners form a partial “mesh network” which is an aggregation of work programs that intentionally spread the individual opportunities in a mesh formation among the organizational framework to eliminate silos or other rigid structures that discourage collaboration. The opportunities or programs of interest will be generated organically by the Guiding Coalition or any STEMpact2020 partner organization.

Innovation Rooms are open to any individual interested in serving the community through STEM outreach initiatives.  Meetings are typically scheduled on a monthly basis and are organized by the room leader.

Here are the innovation rooms you can get involved with:

Standing Innovation Rooms

Communications: Acts as a facilitator for growth for STEMpact2020 by strategically communicating and engaging the community to mutually support a collaborative and regionally based STEM ecosystem.

STEM Grants: Explore opportunities to collaborate on STEM grants with local STEM stakeholders.

STEM Events: Define innovative approaches to bring STEM to the community through large and small events

Curriculum: Ensure that identified STEM mentoring opportunities are resourced with the appropriate curriculum in a reliable, sustainable, effective and efficient manner.

STEM Professional Development for Educators: Create, host, promote, and support sustainable and effective STEM professional development opportunities for educators.

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting: Review data collection methods, analyze the data collected and report out to partners.

Resource Development: Collaborate with other STEM stakeholders to innovate ways to connect STEM professionals with youth.

Dynamic Innovation Rooms – these are committees that break off from the Standing Committees to coordinate specific projects or activities.  Examples include:

Design Challenge Events, STEM All Stars Project, STEM Nights, STEAM, Robotics, STEM Conference, Science Fairs, etc.

Create a New Innovation Room:
We love for STEMpact2020 partners to come up with new ideas, projects, and events to work on. If you have an idea that you’d like to form a committee around, please fill out the form below.

Expectations for creating a new Innovation Room include the following:

Approval from STEMpact2020
Committee must contain at least one STEMpact2020 Staff Member
More than 1 school or organization must be served

Innovation Room Sign-up

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