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Our STEM All-Stars page is a listing of STEM professionals that are willing to be classroom speakers for kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. The listing of the STEM professional profiles will allow teachers to browse the profiles to find a STEM professional that may fit what is being taught in their classrooms.

For example, a 7th grade computer teacher is teaching a unit on basic computer coding. This teacher will browse the speaker profiles on our STEM All-Stars main page and find a professional coder to come visit their classroom. Then the teacher fills out a request form letting our team know to reach out and to coordinate details with that STEM professional.

If you are interested in being listed as a STEM All-Star, please:

fill out the form below and
print, fill out, sign and email the Volunteer Registration Form (background screening) to

We will only publish your company name and job title, a brief description of your speaking topic, and a picture of you and your name (at your discretion). If you have further questions about listing your information on our website, please contact us at

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