Goal Outputs for 2015-16

(last updated 3/29/2016)

  • Achieve 2500 students impacted by a STEM volunteer 42%
  • Achieve 10% of total students impacted engaged with a high impact mentor
  • Achieve 750 total volunteers over the course of the year
    • Coalition-wide:
    • STEMpact2020: 129
  • Achieve 75 high impact mentors over the course of the year OR Achieve 10% of total volunteers doing high impact mentoring
  • Present at 10 new companies 30%
  • Begin new active partnership/activity with 5 new companies 60%
  • Increase GC active participants to 25 average meeting attendance
  • Actively Partner with 10 new youth serving organizations (Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts, YMCA, United Way, and others) 70%
  • 10 active schools with specific volunteer opportunities 70%
  • Meet with school contacts 1x each semester 50%
  • Average 30 volunteer opportunities available at all times on the website
  • Coalition holds 4 coordination meetings with an average attendance of 25 coalition representatives 75%
  • Create online training option with hands on component
  • Develop a calendar of STEM activity for the city of Wichita
  • Collaborate/plan with 2 major STEM conferences in the area 50%
  • Recruit for 30 one-time opportunities  100%
  • Be involved in planning 6 one-time opportunities 100%
  • Do a volunteer appreciation event 100%
  • Conduct 4 Lunch and Learn events  100%
  • Coalition gathers end-of-year data from at least 90% of participating organizations


  • Post on facebook 5x per week
  • Increase Facebook Likes to 500 – 256
  • Post on Twitter 5x per week
  • Increase Twitter Followers to 300
  • Establish a presence on LinkedIn
  • Send a newsletter out 1x per month
  • Increase mailing list to 2000 recipients
  • Increase opportunity submissions by mentor receivers to 10 per month


  • Create and implement a survey tool for applicable one-time events
  • Develop a system for tracking volunteer hours

Goal Outcomes for 2015-16

  • 75% of students served by STEMpact2020 mentors report increased interest in STEM careers (as reported in the post survey)
  • 75% of participating mentors and students report satisfaction with mentoring experience (satisfaction rate as reported in a pre and post-survey)
  • 70% of mentors report desire to mentor again next year (mentor retention rate)
  • 75% of guiding coalition member organizations continue their participation in coalition (coalition retention rate)
  • Development of a city-wide STEM Mentor training path (standardized general training with modularized training specific to mentor activity)
  • At least 20% of city’s STEM corporations and 40% of youth serving organizations join the coalition (not guiding coalition).


2014-15 Goals